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By , October 01, 2010
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Cuisine Of Minas Gerais – History And Art By Dona Lucinha

Dona Lucinha an iconic figure in the gastronomy of Brazil, specifically on the cuisine of Minas Gerais, has produced this incredible book, definitely a must have for any Brazilian cookery collection.

With great photographs and traditional recipes, the stories on this book will connect you with a amazing region of Brazil that is responsible for great cuisine. Dona Lucinha’s great understanding of the cuisine, respect for the traditions and complete know how of the native ingredients, make her book a great source of information.

In this book I found a beautiful quote by Raul Lody that resonates deeply with me “After language, food is the most important link between man and culture”, and this book truly brings all together.

My dear friend and great chef Elzinha Nunes “Dona Lucinha’s daughter” is in charge of the stoves for their amazing family run restaurant “Dona Lucinha” in Sao Paulo.

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  • Almir Da Fonseca March 01, 2011

    I have e-mailed Brazil and request the contact number for the ordering of this book. Will have the information soon. Thank you for your interest and will be talking to you soon.
    Chef Almir

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