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By , March 21, 2013

Excerpt from Brazil’s online magazine:
“Revista: Leal Moreira”

“In the restaurant of the CIA, I cut my meat, I make my own sausages. The goal is to have minimal waste in everything we do: from breads to desserts, bacon, chorizo ​​and sausages. We teach students in class exactly what I do in practice and in the kitchen, ” Almir explains.

Almir also says that the school has its own garden and orchard. “Every three months I make an appointment with the gardeners to plant what I want to serve in my next menu. We use what comes from organic farms near the CIA. We prioritize ‘local and sustainable,’ respecting crops. And when the season ends in a particular ingredient, we serve other things.”

“Cooking in a sustainable manner is perhaps the best way to protect products that are wonderful, and are, little by little, disappearing … or worse, are being grown or reared fast and full of chemistry in order to meet the market need quickly – and that’s not good” he argues.

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