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Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

By , June 04, 2011

I will be visiting the wonderful University Ruy Barbosa for the third time coming up in july, lecture and presentation with the Chef Instructors and students.


The research continues.

By , June 04, 2011

Getting ready to go back to the Amazon, my research continue, the pirarucu, some media work, lectures and presentations.


Passport to Flavors Presentation @ The CIA, Greystone

By , March 26, 2011

March 25th, I had the pleasure to present at the Passport to Flavors Conference at The CIA Greystone CA. I presented The Cuisine of Brazil, traditional ingredients, like Manioc, Beans, Carne-Seca, Fruits of the Amazon, Churrasco, and Fish of the Amazon River. ...


Check great new recipes and new photo galleries

By , February 01, 2011

Great new recipes and photo galleries coming up, we are working very hard to keep this site full of great ideas and visual information that represents the great cuisine of Brazil. Lets me know what is in your mine.


Presenting at the Congresso Mesa Tendencias

By , October 14, 2010

I was invited to present at the Congresso Mesa Tendencias 2010 at The Senac in Sao Paulo, Brazil – a large gastronomy conference. The conference was amaizing, great food, incredible presentations by chefs from all over the world. I did present two ...


Early November: Inauguration of the CasaCor

By , October 06, 2010

In early November I was invited to Manaus – Amazon – Brasil to present at the inauguration of the CasaCor. It was great, and I was awarded the opportunity to work with the folks of the Amazonian Goverment and perhaps help introduce the Pirarucu fish to ...


Grand Opening of the new CIA in Texas

By , October 01, 2010

Grand Opening of the new CIA “The Culinary Institute of America” campus, and the Latin Flavors American Kitchen gastronomy conference was amaizing, great chefs great food. My two whole lambs cooked over the grill was great success. Chef Rick Bayless have ...

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