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FlavorSource/FonteSabor Chef Almir cooking a wine dinner in Nevada for a great cause…..

By , October 09, 2016

Chef Almir from Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Services, just back from Nevada after executing a great seven cource wine dinner. The amazing menu included “Foie Gras Mousse”, “Ahi Tuna Tartare”, “Heirloom Tomato Truffle ...


Teaching and supporting sustainable cookery………….

By , July 23, 2016

Chef Almir Da Fonseca, Culinary Arts Professor @ The Culinary Institute of America and Executive Chef Owner of Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Services, continue to teach and support sustainable cookery, full utilization of organic, sustainable and well ...


Once again i am honored to be taking part of the “Festival Ver O Peso da Cozinha Paraense”.

By , May 22, 2016

I truly enjoyed the first time in ’12 I participated and presented at the Festival Ver O Peso da Conzinha Paraense, in the beautiful city of Belem, the state of Para, in the north of Brazil. This amazing city is on the shore of the great Amazon River ...


Chef Almir Da Fonseca for over three decades working for the cuisines of Brazil.

By , May 04, 2016

For over three decades I have been hard at work on the introduction, and creating awareness about the amazing cuisines of my home country of Brazil. By educating, demonstrating, introducing, speaking, writing, lecturing, consulting, cooking and working as an ...


Presenting the flavors of Brazil @ The World of Flavors Conference @ CIA Greystone

By , May 04, 2016

Another year at the World of Flavors Conference @ The Culinary Institute of America @ Greystone, I ha the pleasure to present the flavors of Brazil. This dish shows the iconic ingredients of Brazilian cookery. Carne Seca, Beans, Manioc. On this dish I found a ...


Caipirinhas, Oysters, Granitas @ The CIA Greystone Worls of Flavors Conference

By , April 23, 2016

Just presented yet again at The CIA Greystone Worlds of Flavors Conference. I spoke on a panel about sustainability and sustainable food ways. I shared the stories of sugar cane and cachaca production and the oyster beds of the southern coast of ...


Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Studio

By , March 05, 2016

We continue to work very hard on the research of Latin Cuisines and with great focus on the Cuisines of Brazil……………this is some of the inspirations we have been tasting lately, Chef ...


Flavor Source Fonte Sabor celebrating the art and craft of Brazilian knife making…………

By , September 13, 2015

Brazil have a amazing tradition of knife making, artisan craftsman and artists production incredible work from north to south. I have an amazing collection and in the next feel posts I will share some of the knives I ...


Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Studio and The Cachaca Study

By , September 06, 2015

The National Spirit of Brazil is the focus of our Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Studio in the last tasting sessions. We are tasting, studying and collecting data on several Cachacas from all over Brazil, some organic, but all from amazing producers. ...

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