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Flavor Source Fonte Sabor, Chef Almir Da Fonseca and a crew of Sous Chefs in Taipei

By , May 15, 2017

美國廚藝學院登台首選開平餐飲 主廚親授專業巴西料理實作


Chef Almir @ Flavor Source Fonte Sabor continuing the mission of “The Brazil Project” next Taipei

By , April 09, 2017

I will be traveling this coming April 14th to Thailand/Taipei to present “The Brazil Project”, our mission at Flavor Source Fonte Sabor continue to be to divulge the flavors of Brazil all over the world. We will cook several events, give several ...


Continuing with the study and research of Latin Flavors with new project by Chef Almir

By , January 31, 2017

Introducing a new and exiting research project “The Latin Flavors of the 3 Americas”, will go a little further into the Latin flavors and influences on cuisines of the 3 Americas, focusing on historical influences, flavor profiles, ingredients, ...


Flavor Source Fonte Sabor wish you all a happy new year

By , January 01, 2017

We atFlavor Source Fonte Sabor wish you all a happy new year, with a great commitment to the continue research and study, as well as the education and promotion of the cuisines of Brazil……….stay tuned with all the new pats of our Brazil ...


Flavor Source Fonte Sabor continues with the mission of gastronomic research and education….

By , November 25, 2016

Chef Almir continues to host “The Student Sous Chef Project” a one day apprenticeship project, cooking and teaching great culinary students with amazing culinary potential and truly are the future of our industry. One of the great missions of ...


FlavorSource/FonteSabor Chef Almir cooking a wine dinner in Nevada for a great cause…..

By , October 09, 2016

Chef Almir from Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Services, just back from Nevada after executing a great seven cource wine dinner. The amazing menu included “Foie Gras Mousse”, “Ahi Tuna Tartare”, “Heirloom Tomato Truffle ...


Teaching and supporting sustainable cookery………….

By , July 23, 2016

Chef Almir Da Fonseca, Culinary Arts Professor @ The Culinary Institute of America and Executive Chef Owner of Flavor Source Fonte Sabor Gastronomy Services, continue to teach and support sustainable cookery, full utilization of organic, sustainable and well ...

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