Delicias Das Sinhas

By , February 01, 2011

I am reading a true treasure from my collection of Brazilian cookery books.

This book is in my opinion one of the most important books dedicated for the amazing pastry and sugar works of Brazil. Written in Portuguese.

“Delícias das Sinhás” História e Receitas Culinárias da Segunda Metade do Século XIX e Início do Século XX.

A beautiful collaboration by Héctor Hernán Bruit, Eliane Morelli Abrahão, Deborah D’Almeida Leanza, Fernando Antonio Abrahão (org.) and Fernando Kassab (Adaptação, produção e fotografia das receitas culinárias).

Brazil been one of the world’s largest producer of Sugar Cane is needless to say that pastry and confections are a great part of the cuisine, this book takes you into a historical trip into early sugar works and production of candy and other desserts, the first pastry shops and the influence and importance of Sugar cane derived products to Brazil’s culture and cuisine.

With amazing photographs, recipes and mouthwatering text about the rich history of the art of pastry and candy making in the turn of the century in Brazil.

Is for sure one of my collection’s

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