Farinha Feijao E Carne-Seca

By , March 01, 2011

This month I am going back to a book that as a Chef Educator and Researcher of the Cuisines of Brazil, I feel is very important and educational.

A award winning book, written in Portuguese.

“Farinha, Feijão e Carne-Seca” By Paula Pinto e Silva

A trip back to Colonial Brazil.

This book covers the history of the three most important food staples of the cuisine of Brazil, written in the style of a study or essay Mrs. Pinto e Silva clearly narrates the importance, influence and affect these ingredients have in the people of my home country.

Feijão (Beans) of various types are consumed in the regional cuisines of Brazil, Carne-Seca (Dried Meat) a staple that is part of traditional dishes, and is produced to this day by farmers of all regions in order to preserve for later use flavorful cuts of meat, and of course the Farinha (Flour) made from Manioc a gluten free tuber that is a major part of the Brazilian table, a product that grows and is consumed in all regions of this great country.

These ingredients have great historic importance and goes back to the beginning of the Cuisine of Brazil. I have learned so much from this book, and continuo to go back from time to time.

Chef Almir

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