A Cozinha Africana da Bahia

By , April 15, 2011

This month I am reading, studying and really enjoying.

“A Cozinha Africana da Bahia” The African Cuisine of Bahia. This book is written in Portuguese with English translation of the recipes.

This amazing work by Chef Guilherme Radel, a great chef, educator and writer, with other good books under his belt.

This book is a great testament to the African influence on the cuisine of Bahia. This beautiful place have a very important place in Brazilian cuisine and culture.

Chef Radel really brings the history to life, talking about the origins of traditional dishes, utensils, important ingredients and recipes. Chef Radel shares some of the myths behind the Bahian regional cuisine, with his research and perfect use of a incredible bibliography.

This book is written as a text book dedicated to the history of the cuisine, with clear teachings, great photos and recipes this is sure one of my favorite books.

Chef Almir

Published under : Brazilian Cook Books
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