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I am enjoying this amazing book Chef’s André Boccato.

“Churrasco” Uma Paixão Nacional

“Churrasco” A National Passion

This book is written in Portuguese.

Chef Boccato really captures this incredibly important art form, the art of Churrasco cookery, open flame cooking which Brazilians has mastered over centuries. Considered as one of the most influential and important cooking techniques of the cuisines of Brazil.

Chef Boccato’s book is written as a perfect text book on Churrasco cooking, great photos, amazing recipes of marinates, sauces, side dishes and traditional condiments, as well as clear teachings on the most commonly used cuts for great Churrasco making.

Chef Boccato took the time to talk about some of the history of this cuisine, making an educational and great source of learning. Great book, must have it.

Chef Almir.

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  • Ana Paula Bousquet June 03, 2011

    Your site is the mirror of the huge variety of colors, flavors of our country.
    Here the reader will find a faithful picture of our culture, our cuisine.
    It’s great to have a space to show the richness of Brazil.
    You do that here with your dedication, respect and passion for your country.
    Chef Almir, Congratulations!

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