Iconografia Da Pesca Ribeirinha E Marítima Na Amazônia

By , July 01, 2011

This is my choice for book of the month or July. As I am about to travel around the Amazon River to continue my research on the cuisine, the fish and the customs of the beautiful people of the Amazon, I feel this is a perfect choice.

This book is an amazing education, on the customs and the importance of fishing this incredible river for the livelihood of the Amazônian people.

Some very unique fishing techniques and a huge variety of fish, from the historical Pirarucu to the feared Piranha, to the great tasting Tambaqui, Surubim and much much more.

The great writing of Lourdes Gonçalves Furtado tells a amazing story of the people of this very special place.

The photography of Janduari Simões depicts the beauty and the depth of the region in ways you can’t imagine.

Truly a beautiful and important book, it shares with great respect and appreciation the uniqueness of one of the greatest places in the world.

Written in Portuguese with black and white photographs.

A must have for anyone curious to know a little more about the people living and fishing the great Amazon River.


Chef Almir

Published under : Brazilian Cook Books
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