Culinária Paraense – Coleção Sabores do Brasil

By , April 10, 2013

by Paulo Martins

This book is a great source of inspiration for me and many chefs in Brazil. The  late Chef Paulo Martins was a pioneer in the cuisine of the state of Pará, one of the most beautiful regions washed by the amazing Amazon River. Chef Martins the creator and the inspiration for the “Ver-O-Peso Festival” (Festival Ver-O-Peso da Cozinha Paraense) a gastronomical festival that takes place in the city of Belém every year. Last year (’12) I had the honor to be invited and to participate in this festival, cook a benefit dinner with a group of incredibly talented chefs from all over Brazil, teach classes, do some demonstrations, and most importantly learn more about the wonderful cuisine of Pará.

This book is a collection of Chef Martins great recipes and a insight to his passion and teaching of his cuisine of heritage. A great introduction to the cuisine, the very unique ingredients and the gastronomical life that exist only on the border of the Amazon River.

An amazing family that continues to protect his culinary legacy and continue to organize the festival each year. The festival of 2013 is coming up soon and with a great appreciation to Chef Paulo and the Martins family is my honor to have this book as my website’s first “Book of the month” in 2013.


Chef Almir

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