Guia Carioca da Gastronomia de Rua

By , June 20, 2013
Book of the Month: Guia carioca da gastronomia de rua

Book of the Month: Guia carioca da gastronomia de rua

With the philosophy of “Na Boca Do Povo” In the people’s mouth, the author Sérgio Bloch delivers a great concept, Ines Garçoni with amazing texts and Marcos Pinto with truly inspiring photos, together have created an very interesting gastronomical picture of one of the most incredible cities in the world, Rio De Janeiro.

With a melting pot of influences and a city were eating on the streets is a tradition, in many cases not only for enjoyment but also necessity, makes Rio a great city for street foods. The Carioca, a Rio native, have always appreciate great street foods, pasteis “fried pastries” to corn on the cob to pão de queijo “cheese bread” to caipirinhas “cachaça and fruit drinks, the National beverage”, bolinhos de bacalhau “salt cod cakes”.
Rio people are truly “Bom de boca” Good with the mouth/eaters.

This book is a great trip through the street markets and street vendors of amazing food products, great people.
For world travelers everywhere Rio is definitely a must place to visit and eat, and this book is a great post card and invitation for everyone.

After reading this book you can’t help but want to meet this people/characters and try their foods. For this and many more reasons this is my pick for book of the month.

~ Chef Almir

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