O Sabor do Amazonas

By , August 05, 2013
Book Of The Month: O sabor do Amazonas

Book Of The Month: O sabor do Amazonas

This is a very special book for me. The Amazon River Basin is my favorite place in the world.  I have the privilege to study and research its cuisine for many years and traveled through the region multiple times over the last twelve years for my own “Brazil Project”.

I photograph this amazing place, I have tasted the food, I cooked with incredible people and am going back there soon.

This book is a collaboration between Rosa Silva Clement, Martha de Aguiar Falcão and my friend Maria de Nazareth “Zezé” Pio de Souza. We met a few years ago, and we had a chance to cook together and I have learned a great deal about the foods she grow up with.

The recipes are great and strait forward but truly show the soul of the people and the place through the flavors, colors and ingredients.

I often go back ready to research and search for inspiration from this book, and consider it a very important piece of my collection.

Thank you Zezé and see you again soon.

~ Chef Almir

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