A Patria nas Panelas

By , September 02, 2013
Book Of The Month: A patria nas panelas

Book Of The Month: A patria nas panelas

This book in my view is a very important piece on my book collection, a incredible trip through the regional cuisines of Brazil and a great work of literature from one of the best writers of Brazil. Pedro Cavalcanti, a true writer, highly seasoned and experienced, was able to capture in this book a culinary and gastronomical trip through the regional cuisines of my home country of Brazil that I feel only he could accomplish.

The recipes the stories and the amazing vibe of being in the kitchen with the people he worked with on gathering these recipes is amazing.

I personally cooked and continue to study this book every chance I get.

A pioneer writer on historical cookery and detail oriented writer, this book does not disappoint and will continue to be a very important and relevant book on the cuisine of a country that truly tells its history through the recipes being cooked in the panelas “pots” of the cozinheiros “cooks” and family kitchens of Brazil.

Great work.

~ Chef Almir

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